Monday, 14 July 2014

Room are featured in Flashback No 5!

Room are featured in Flashback No 5 due to be published 14 July 2014.


Anonymous said...

Music does echoes in time, and I´m so glad that I was able to hear this echo in 2015.
I got in love with the song Andromeda and I can´t stop sharing it to all my friends.
Im a 25 year old guitar player from Costa Rica, country located in central America.
Im in love with the album and it represents the music scene in the 60s and it makes me think that I was born in the wrong decade.
I really don´t know if you will see this comment but if you do ... thank you and your bandmates for the music that echoed in my soul.

West Somerset Wizard said...

Thanks Emilio. We enjoyed making music back then. We didn't like having no money and no food! It was a very long time ago now :-(