Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Known gigs are listed below - if you might have been there, send an Email with any memories!

1 November Ringwood Youth Club
2 November Hazelbury Bryan Village Hall
15 November Wimborne Youth Club
16 November Tarrant Rawston Village Hall
22 November Stourpaine Village Hall
25 November Oakdale Youth Club, Poole
5 December Royal Ballrooms, Boscombe [with Pink Floyd, Status Quo]
6 December Ferndown Youth Club
13 December Wimborne Youth Club
18 December Wimborne Secondary Modern School
28 December Chard Guildhall [with Cavaliers]

3 January Ferndown Youth Club
4 January Sidmouth Pavilion [with Rainbow Folly]
10 January Ringwood Cinema
16 January Bovington Army Camp
18 January Verwood Village Hall
25 January Weymouth Pavilion support Noel and the Fireballs
30 January Bournemouth College Biafran Appeal Concert
31 January Dorchester Wheel
1 March Chard
8 March Wimborne Legion

15 March Wool
28 March Verwood
5 April Blandford Railway Hotel
12 April Wimborne Legion
16 April Weymouth Beat Contest
20 April Audition Globetrotters Poole

20 April The Hole Blues Club
25 April The Ritz, Bournemouth
30 April Weymouth Beat Contest Final
2 May The Ritz
11 May The Hole, Crown Hotel
16 May Wimborne Grammar School
25 May Magnet Bowl, Poole
30 May The Ritz (with Howlin' Wolf & John Dummer Band)
1 June The Hole, Crown Hotel
8 June The Hole, Crown Hotel
23 June Bournemouth Pier
24 June The Ritz
25 June The Ritz
2 July Swingin' Clink, Boscombe
5 July The Showboat
(from Poole Quay)
20 July Swingin' Clink, Boscombe
23 July Bournemouth Pier
2 August The Showboat (from Poole Quay)
19 August The Pavilion, Bournemouth
22 August Pavilion, Weymouth
23 August The Showboat
(from Poole Quay)
1 September Keeside Disco, Weymouth
2 September Bournemouth Pavilion
5 September The Ritz (with Liverpool Scene)
6 September The Showboat
(from Poole Quay)
7 September Bournemouth Pavilion
12 September The Ritz (with Clouds)
19 September The Ritz (with Hard Meat)
26 September The Ritz (with Village)
3 October The Ritz (with Third Ear Band)
10 October The Ritz (with Pete Brown and Piblokto)
17 October The Ritz (with Gypsy)
25 October Railway Tavern Blandford
31 October The Ritz (with Juniors Eyes)
1 November Weymouth Pavilion
7 November The Ritz (with Strawbs)
13 November The Ritz (with Image)
14 November The Ritz (with Julians Treatment)
15 November The Ritz
15 November Top Rank
16 November Bournemouth Pavilion (with Slade)
21 November The Ritz (with Edgar Broughton Band)
22 November Westward Ho! Sandpiper Club

1970 If you can recall the dates of the missing gigs, please Email me!
13 January Klooks Kleek supporting Roy Harper
30 January The Ritz (with Estas Tom Cat)
27 February North-West Kent Colledge of Technology, Dartford (support band: Puckles Blend)
28 February Staines Town Hall (with Spirit of John Morgan)
8 March Lyceum, Strand (with Caparius, Spencer Davis, Sam Apple Pie)
24 April East Berks College, Windsor
9 July Cat and Fiddle, New Forest

Roy recalls some 1970 gigs but no dates:
- The Marquee,
- The Revolution,
- The Temple under Ronnie Scotts,
- The Lyceum Melody Makercontest.
- Coventry supporting FleetwoodMac,
- Darlington,
- Bournemouth support Status Quo and Pink Floyd
- In May we played at a festival near Lille in France.
- In October we went to Switzerland.The Atlantis Club in Basle and also St. Gallen

1 January Blandford Railway

6 January Royal Albert Hall (with Pentangle)
9 January Yeovil Supported by Hogwart Leech

19 January Switzerland St. Gallen and Berne Ba Ba Lu Club
12 February Blandford School
13 February Sidmouth
19 February Bridport
20 February Coombe Martin
5 March Weymouth Wheel
6 March Blandford School
13 March Weymouth Wheel
30 March Devon College
10 April Temple Support Patto
11 April Maggies Club Yeovil
?? April Ferndown Youth Club
17 April Ferndown Youth Club (Juniors)
29 April Radio Solent
20 May Bryanston School
21 May Gosport
28 May Southampton Tech
29 May Swanage Youth Club
30 May Lymington Social Club
25 June Gillingham
28 June Chelsea Village Bournemouth
29 June Chelsea Village Bournemouth
30 June Chelsea Village Bournemouth
2 July Southampton
21 July Weymouth Grammar School

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tonywick said...

I can remember all those Friday nights at the Ritz, followed by Saturday mornings in Setchfields records Old Christchurch Road with Drummer Pete (and generally an appalling hangover!)

Great venuw for blues bands, hot sweaty and crowded.