Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Preflight - the album

The album was called "PRE-FLIGHT" after the first track (The song as written had no hyphen according to the composer).

The recording was made at the Decca studios in West Hampstead in the summer of 1970.

Mickey Clarke (enjoying a rave success at the time with "Two Little Boys" by Rolf Harris) was the producer, and engineered by Peter Rynston and Simaen Skolfield.
The strings and brass arrangements were by Richard Harvey.
The sleeve cover was designed by Roy and featured yet another of his Rotring plane drawings!

The Tracks
Side One
1 Preflight (Edge)
2 Where Did I Go Wrong (Room)
3 No Warmth In My Life (Williams)
4 Big John Blues (Williams)
Side Two
1 Andromeda (Williams, Putt, Kevern)
2 War (Williams)
3 Cemetery Junction (Williams, Putt, Jenkins)

The Sleeve Notes
The sleeve notes were written by Mickey Clarke...

Steve Edge: Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Outwardly a happy placid guy and always willing to learn. Inwardly a mystery. The musical brain. (In the room)
Chris Williams: Lead Guitars
Should have been a jazz violinist the way he plays his guitar. A really fine writer and musician. (In the room)
Bob Jenkins: Drums, Congas and Percussion
Must be a descendant of D'Artagnan the musketeer. (He looks like one). Sword fencing on the cymbals, he moves his sticks as though fighting all the king's men. He hits his bass drum like a cannon-ball being fired and his snare drum cuts through like a knife. A really great drummer. (In the room)
Jane Kevern: Vocals and Tambourine
The sort of girl you like as soon as you meet her. Her friendly and understanding eyes put you at ease, like her sad voice when she sings blues (In the room)
Roy Putt: Bass and Artistic Design
Like his bass, a very deep and cool sort of guy. Everything he writes and plays is like poetry to music (In the room)

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